Munga – High Grade Boss (Nuh Weed Parasite) [New Music]

Dancehall star Munga drop a new single “High Grade Boss (Nuh Weed Parasite),” off the NightLife Riddim, Produced by Hit City Records.

Mi need a quarter pound so mi link Bobo up a stand pipe
It a knock in a mi head like a piece a iron pipe
Mi eye dem a run water like pipe
Real high grade a my type

Mi no smoke cigarette hi no
That gi cancer paw top bad breath hi no
Cherps tell Smokey fi pass mi the cess hi no
Hot, hot, grabber mi seh only the best hi no
Call Agony cause wi no want nothing less hi no
Fat tump grades wi meck yo cough up yo chest hi no
Tell Junior meck the phone call down a west hi no
Get it when hi brown and cure, and pretty
Wi want it fi press hi no

Listen track below.