Alkaline – Touch You Lyrics

Touch you baby
Touch you baby
Me love fi touch you baby
Me no haffi touch you
Loving go up in a yo soul and mi no waan fi tek it out

Me love fi touch you baby
Me love fi touch you
If you fi ever give weh mi property
Mi a mash you up

(Verse 1)
This a no supn weh you fi laugh fa
Mi push in the key and now it cyaa start
Big Alkaline run false start
Do no bother judge mi give mi a last chance
Baby yo meck bag a things a go through mi mind
Yo body meck mi waan live a christian life
If a no gospel well this cyaa call mi fi voice
A no 123 again a one wife

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a sweat hi no when you in a yo shorts yaw
Imagine if you no wear none at all
Mi cook dinner give you then desert after
Lock yo eye when you eat it
Dumpling and banana what a braughter
And then wi meck love till a morning
Matter a f wi no haffi touch meck wi darker
Talk about wi feelings

(Repeat Chorus)