Xyclone Ft. Beenie Man & Cee Gee – Back Pocket Rag (Remix) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
When nothing naw gwaan nobody no find fault
But as the thing shot some a them start talk
Him a rise now but da fool deh naw lost
I care zero, big up piece a blacks mi boss
Fool, low mi name, come off a mi name
Stop watch mi business, come off a mi name

Low mi name, come off a mi name
Stop badmind mi and stop watch mi fame

(Verse 2)
Sit down pon mi name like rag in a back pocket
The more them talk a the more mi a block traffic
In a mi Audi and the gyal dem a flock, flock hi
Money mi stock, stock it, call mi fat pocket
All when the bugger them come wid dem black magic
Success inevitable dem cyaa back track it
Why everyday a fi mi name a dem act topic?
Tell dem mi still a invest and a stock profit

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Xyclone a my style dem a watch and a my kyle dem a watch
Step out a mi crib all a mi style dem a match
All mi sparks to, a the wild child dem a watch
Mi no si the hypocrite dem and the oil dem a dash
Everybody got name and a paw mine dem a kotch
Mi no got time fi dem but mi wi buy dem a watch
Cee Gee never itch when the badmind dem a scratch
Am so easily seen all the blind dem a watch

(Repeat Chorus)

Da song yah a fi who a try rise to the top
No matter the good weh yo do dem still a chat
Dem no waan si success, dem waan yo fi flop
All dem a wish survivor cyaa stop

(Repeat Chorus 2X)