Ryme Minista Ft. Mavado – Kill & Get Weh Lyrics

Kill and get weh
Wi no fraid a nobody
When the AK rise
Push yo duppy out a yo body
Watch mi a step out a the cabby
Watch him a step out a the lobby
Mi no camera shy
Kill him in front everybody

(Verse 1)
When the rifle a clap up, body wrapped up
Mi no cut up and chap up bwoy
Bwoy mash up and pop up
Like a when car scrash up
Soulder run out so police haffi back up
White sheat bwoy body get wrapped up
Wi naw tek fist up and bad up
No fist up and grab up
Ratchet in a neck somebody haffi get tab up
No care weh dem a seh when dem a chat
When dem a plan up
Matic in a hand yeh, anyweh mi stand up

Kills, call out every killers and killer
Meck dem nam gun powder fi dinner
War start man born as a winner
Mack 90 a buss and the A1 stinger
Wi no care which car unuh in a
Shoot unuh truck, unuh Benz, unuh Beemer
Minista no stress nothing
Cause tonight wi must get some killers

Middle day wi a attack
Call off duty soldiers like black ants
If dem tape up magazine attached
Police like man drive wid it like Balack
And the pu–y dem a talk like a talking parrot
Like dem no member wa David do Goliath
No wi no haffi tell no bwoy fi quiet
Wi a surgeon anyweh wi go a riot

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wa yo know bout black heart
Meck dem sitdown and giggle and yap off
Bwoy pronounce anyweh mi gun pop off
Hey mi squeeze it like a when bike lock off, block off
Buss out dem head like a man a patch road
The matic in a mi hand, the five a glack load
Mi gun dem longer than the fire man hose
No tell mi fi pu–y like gyal a back road

Yeh, wa yo know bout black head
Well bad hi no press the chigger and crack head
Dem bwoy deh no bad, no tell mi bout hot head
Put bullet in a skin both ball head and rass head
Yeh mi a kill who fi kill, murder who fi murder
Today it a done, it naw go, go, no further
Gully gad a wa do dem nerd yah
Watch it, gun shot have it your way like a perva
Dark up the place no sky get wet
Black surgeon tun up whole island red
3 5 send and divide dem head
Meck marrow leek out look white like egg
Early in a the morning bwoy eye get red
Any man mi catch a bleach unuh find like dead
When Gully Side shrub out dem wi find dem dead
Bwoy missing next morning yo find dem dead

(Repeat Chorus)