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Mavado – Pon Di Gully (Twin Of Twins & Bounty Killer Diss) [New Music]

Dancehall star Mavado drop a new single “Pon Di Gully,” off the Dark Skies Riddim, produced by Young Vibez Production.

Fans are already speculating that the track is a diss track aimed at Bounty Killer and Twins of Twins.

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Listen to some lyrics from the track below.

Pon the gully weh mi born and grow
Fi rise to the top that’s all I know
Some a cuss over mi style and mi flow
And a seh a dem meck it true a mi and dem grow

The likkle city weh mi born and grow
Rise to the top all I know
Some a cuss over mi style and mi flow
And a seh a them meck it true a mi and dem grow

Full: Mavado – Pon Di Gully (Twin Of Twins & Bounty Killer Diss) Lyrics

Listen full track below.


  1. Born and Grow Where?

    Movado is the biggest pirate since Beenie, the man could not write and original tune if his uptown house depended on it. He better hope the Twin of Twins keep recording their albums, this way Movado can have a way to come up with song ideas. Someone tell the artist this is not 2006 he has not had a hit since last decade he should get off his “godly” thrown and come back to reality

  2. bounty badmind, all him do a sit and cuss ppl weh him buss, and turn round and diss him, from mavado fren get shot a him party killa deven chat to di man jus cuss bout ruin party, wah kind a pu–y dat, killa badmind u fu–, mavado have been repping and defending aliance from him buss and still do but tru him turn international artise and have him own fanbase, killa realize himc ant control him, a killa always diss first, all wen mavado reach out, invite a bday bash, big up a sting and killa still badmind, nun a vado songs was aimed at killer a ppl jus add bounty killer diss fi get more veiws cause controversy sells, bounty fi get respect u need fi give respect

    • yeah dats true ! killer wants to rule ppl just like him did want do with kartel ! some ppl say through want to see you do good but not better than dem and that is killer problem !!! he need to come off that sh– .

  3. I don’t see how this relates to bounty…the killa never claim seh him and mofraudo grew up…respect to the general fi buss nuff yutes inah music…all wen dem switch wi still aguh gi dem credit wen dem duh good music….

  4. Ni–a sound like some pu—. Dnt u c bounty hating off the man?? Just show the interviews. And every artist have to change they style if they want to make it big in the USA. Mavado mi seh

    • Clown it is obvious that since birth you have never again encounter pu–y – secondly how can you hear somthing when no words was spoken – Have you ever read the idiom blind a lead bling in your case it would be stupid a lead stupid –

  5. Mavado should not diss Bounty Killer and Bounty Killer fi stop badmind the youths dem wa him buss.

    • How killa badmind any youth that him buss? – Clown do you have a brain in your big head – If Killa did have badmind he would have never help anybody – some boy did just a use the man – A the same Killa this before mofrado buss – question is this the same mafrado

  6. I really don’t know but I think at the end of day some people jealous of Movado .
    Movado needs to be humble the day he flop
    They will drop him like a bread fruit . Movado needs to talk to Flexx put the BS behind him .
    That’s is child hood friend .