Reggae Sumfest Promoters Support Sting To Banning Of Artistes

Sting promoter Isiah Laing stirred up a lot of controversy when he announced that he has issued a ban on Sizzla Kalonji and D’Angel following the 2013 staging of the show.

But now the veteran promoter is garnering a lot of support from other promoters in the industry including Reggae Sumfest promoter, Robert Russell.

WATCH: Sizzla Controversial Performance At Sting 2013 Full Video

“It’s disappointing when you expect the artistes to work to contribute to the better good of the event and they don’t,” Russell told the Gleaner in a recent interview. “They not only breach their contracts, but they create problems with the sponsors and they are the ones who are spending big money and sponsors are the biggest assets to promoters. Hate music is unnecessary and it doesn’t work well locally or internationally.”

Judging from the statement from Russell, Sizzla could be missing in action at Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay this summer.


  1. Wah dis how we fi accept fagot bizness and dem caah accept we are not gonna accept them nastiness……prompter and sponsors are the same fu—ng corrupt and all about money.Di hold ah dem ah mek it hard fi dem self.

  2. Without the sponsors no reggae show cannot go on unless u take money out your own pocket . Look at bogdanovich he is loaded he is not a bruck pocket . He is behind Ninja man & Specialist . The reggae industry couldbe in a better place they fight against there one another too much . I saw Shaggy look out for Tessane and people bad mouthing the guy in Jamaican Observer .

  3. If the sponsors for these reggae shows have something to say some reggae acts will not be performing . Money talks and promoting their business . I am a big Sizzla fan . I remember the first show he did in Miami I was back stage . He needs to give this gay thing a break . At the end of the day it’s taking money from his pocket . I don’t have a problem for what Sizzla believe that’s how he grow up and that’s his believes . The Real
    Sage you have a point the promoters in JA all
    they care about his money . Their is no money to back reggae artist when something goes wrong . They need a reggae association with like two attorneys just like how Al Sharpton fight for Black folks in the US . Sizzle fe just chill he is well respected and has lots of fans . Let’s see when Sizzla apply again for his US visa what will happen .

  4. When you’re promoting reggae and you know what the artists believe in, why would you get a sponsor that believes in something contrary? Isn’t reggae supposed to be spiritual? It’s like getting a liquor sponsor for a Muslim music festival then telling the singers not to criticize alcohol. Sponsors are not the biggest asset, musicians and artists are. Can you have a festival w/o artists? Yes you can have music w/o sponsors, but I guess that must be the sad state of the music industry in Jamaica today. Only sellouts will eat.