Tiana – Likkle Dutty Bwoy Lyrics

No likkle dutty bwoy cyaa come inna my life
Come stress and mash it up
Go out every week and party as mi like
Champagne wi a pop it up
No, no, mi baby, no try fi come control mi
No, no, mi baby, mi rather live single and free

(Verse 1)
Deh gyal yah cleaver so yo cyaa trick mi
No care bout the Benz yo waan fi show mi
This a no card pack hear mi Romy
Think like a man yo cyaa run round mi
Do weh yo want caw mi done give up
Seh yo cyaa get over mi a your bad luck
Yo should a know seh time is precious
No bag a long talking
Mi no give a fu*k bwoy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a the Dancehall do tress
Good, better, best, hard fi get
No bwoy cyaa meck mi stress, maga down and fret
So anything weh mi do know mi naw regret
No depend paw no man have mi own asset
So no bother try convince mi
Mi done find yo out yo naw go pay mi
Mi done chat no call mi baby
No bag a long talking
Mi no give a fu*k bwoy

(Repeat Chorus 3X)