Elephant Man – Chris Brown Lyrics

Wi have a brand new dance
Weh a run the whole town
People from all around
Dem a do the Chris Brown

Up town, down town
Tower Hill and Compound
California to Texas Town
Dem a do the Chris Brown

(Verse 1)
Hand in a the air like this
Meck mi si everybody a dance like Chris
Bend yo back, meck yo body turn and twist
All Ri, Ri, haffi a tweet bout it
Mi si every gyal a walk and piss
Work out like seh yo deh a Jim
Lean back meck yo two hand wave in a the wind
Set yo hand like yuh a tour traveling
Like seh from da dance yah win

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A could a wa do Nat from Sherlock
Bout shi a Chris Brown and a do Jamie Fox
And a blame it on the alcohol
Dance like the Indian gyal dem a Tashma Hall
Chris Brown
The whole world a seh Ele this
Hey pic da brand new dance yah no Chris Brown
Meck it, yo get it, a hope back door no try tek it
Da dance yah a lock up every club and a wreck it

This a the dance weh the world fi know
Chris Brown dance yes dem waan fi know
And you can find me on the dance floor
Gyal dem screaming and dem bwaling for more

(Repeat Chorus)