I-Octane – Trend Setta Lyrics

Cause man a trend setta
Road tekka, money mecka
Panty wet, gyal no waan no catchup dem waan di pepper
Dem a open like letter

High grade wi a puff and a touch the sky
Liquor a pure so wi throat no dry
Enemies a pree and a hope wi die
Cause dem no like how wi live wi life

But wi a do it again, do it again
Do it again, do it again
Do it again, do it again
Do it again, next day forward so wi do it again

(Verse 1)
Money in a pocket so anything wi waan wi just buy that
Mama crash the Benz and wi buy it back
When wi a dilly gyal a kotch hi pon the bike back
Wi a live wi life and dem no like that
Wi give thanks the glory come, the more it come
The more it come pagans waan hold wi down
Dem would a love wi drop and roll a ground
To how wi flash the Hennessy and throw the rum

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cyaa track mi, mi tracks dem hard fi keep
So mi roll out the Benz and park the Jeep
Weh mi wear yesterday naw repeat
Worst mi and Versi a cork the street
Mi link mi wife and shi booty
So mi carry another gyal a movie
From flex fi meck yo cyaa fool mi
Just like Pappy wi unruly
Tell yo this we lock the place and wi prove hi

(Repeat Chorus)