Elephant Man & Spice real – All The Way Lyrics

Bwoy when you fing me
Naw run and mi naw cry cree
Do no tek it out meck it stay
Mi waan yo push it up all the way

Gyal yuh know man no go half way
Mi give her the whole length badman no play
Mi know how fi please her a that shi say
Mi a push it up all the way

(Verse 1)
Shi seh mi c–key longer than Canada resovar
Shi a bwal and a ask why mi push it so far
Mi pu–y tight, mi full yo body up a scar
Mi cyaa get da supn deh tonight wi a go war
A me alone fi dip in a yo cookie jar
Shi a tell mi fi keep when mi a put it pon her
Mi tired a the bed come meck wi dweet all in a the car
In a the club mi a gwaan so bad
All pon the counter in a the bar

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi need a real professional fi f mi right now
And mi sexy like a ray, pose it up just like a modeler
To how mi stand up strong gyal haffi fork up like Viagra
Under mi peanut and mi jaguar mi no haffi tek Viagra
Tek mi out a the Benz baby and put mi in a the Jaguar
WOrk magic pon da supn yah meck mi seh abracadabra
Mi love yuh right, mi naw go fight, naw thump yuh down like Marvin Aggler
Shi know badman no dive yo man? Mi no need no goggler

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Gyal mi have the traggi, the remedy and tatix
Fi subtract yo clothe a easy mathematics
Bedroom credit that in a mi genetics
So when mi done dem haffi go call the paramedics

Mi dress noodie, catch yuh rude in a the moodie
Meck yo get wild like hyena
One day pass yo no get mi body
Yuh ready fi war like Spartacus in a the arena

(Repeat Chorus)

One Comment

  1. The lyrics for some of it is wrong but I wanted to say one that sticks out too much. The lyrics, ‘To how mi stand up strong gyal haffi fork up like Viagra’ the last word isn’t Viagra is Niagara and a lot of the words are translated really badly. If you want ask me and I will translate them for you 🙂