Shawn Storm – Real Man Lyrics

Girl yo cook fi him
Wash fi him, this fi him, that fi him
And the bwoy still no rate you
Do yo toe nail
Look deh, go pon yo eye lash fi him
The bwoy still no waan date you
Baby mi is a youth yo cyaa relate to
Help yo problems and all yo complain to
Babes think a me fi be the father
You want a man pon the Gaza

The gyal seh are man a bat
Caw, him cyaa proform late
So siver siver dem holding on
From a girl gimmi everyone

A me every gyal waan date
Inna the empire estate
Cause Shawn Storm a dem only man
From a girl gimmi everyone

(Verse 1)
Shi seh girls
Shi know seh mi got allot a
Shi no care, shi wi shear mi so that no matter
Caw mi get to the point like a casha macka
Mi ratings can jump like a back stabber
Shi waan action
Siver a no shatter
Mi meck gyal go a space though
Mi no Nasua
Close up, dem get toast up
And mi naw pose up caw mi no domino matcher
Inna the house or front a the yard
Girls haffi know up front seh mi hard
Pop off casarge, shi no waan no massage
Gyal get hotter than phone weh a charge
So come here girl, mi naw move till you come
Mi naw go nowhere girl
And if yo man a buss a gun
Mi no have no fear girl
Caw when him a call and a pin yo
No care girl

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A girl like she, G, cut off the string
Worst when min put on the ring
Wi never meet flow call pon no network thing
Or bing pon a search engine
And shi no waan mi fi no money and thing
No waan mi fi somg weh mi sing
Shi walk fast, every food fast
Reach a mi yard
Get spin round wid honey and ring
Shi need a real man, shi need a real man in are life
Shi need a real man, shi seh shi waan fi be mi wife
Shi no know weh shi would a do without me
And mi no know weh mi would a do without she
All are man do a pree me
Deh man deh a bate, shi seh yes shi agree

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)