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Mad Cobra “Worst Day” (Kiprich & Ninjaman Diss)

Mad Cobra and Kiprich carry their beef over into the new year, but fans are wondering where was Cobra at Sting 2013.

Nevertheless, Helta Skelta drop this new hard hitting track going all out on Kiprich and Ninjaman.

The new single “Worst Day,” was produced by Brixton Music Group.

Lyrics excerpt:

Pu–y go look how in a the hearse stay
Head split like yo gyal big pu–y when mi burst K
That send you the reverse way
Blak Ryno used gunshot f–k him up the worst way
Brian fly which part the birds stay
Pick eye out a yo head a so the eagle deh search day
If a even pon the church day

Full: Mad Cobra – Worst Day (Kiprich & Ninjaman Diss) Lyrics

Listen full track below.