Mad Cobra – Worst Day (Kiprich & Ninjaman Diss) Lyrics

Pu–y go look how in a the hearse stay
Head split like yo gyal big pu–y when mi burst K
That send you the reverse way
Blak Ryno used gunshot f him up the worst way
Brian fly which part the birds stay
Pick eye out a yo head a so the eagle deh search day
If a even pon the church day
Same bomboclaat gunshot meck yo watch church day

(Verse 1)
Yeh, rise the tallest knockas
Ryno shot pop a bwoy bone like crackers
Pu–y weh dead the Thursday
Yeh the Friday him gyal a get some rassclaat backas
Him a the coke head one a way snackas
Cyaa used batty bwoy lyrics fi s shattas
Gunshot buss out unuh bloodclaat head
When the first one beat
Swear seh a clappers
Skelta asked weh gruesome and blackers
Kill mi kill people dem bwoy deh a actors
If dem a bad man deh a no, no shatters
Rifle bines change dem wall colors brain splatters

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bwoy deh war soft like Busy
Ryno shot split him in a half like pu–y
A call bad man name like yuh f man
Gun putty wi no war like pu–y
Come a war wid yo gun a stick pu–y
Run up in a hallow clip yo duppy flick pu–y
Stinger rob yuh and buss out yo head
And tek the 30 grand keep pu–y
Close range head open like Mellon
Ice pick in a yo chest plate yo blood fell on
The coke head weh mi hear white man a swell on
Anytime yo si mi differently pu–y hole

(Repeat Chorus)