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Rihanna End Chris Brown Relationship In Smoke, Burn Apology Letter

The little that was left of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship was ended in smoke.

According to Hollywoodlife, Rihanna just said goodbye to Chris Brown and everything he ever gave to her.

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The site claimed that Rihanna even burned a New Year’s Eve apology letter Chris Brown sent to her.

This is what a source said:

As they smoked, Rihanna pulled out this fake a*s letter. She put it in the middle of the bed on top of a big candle-holder, and put her burnt ashes on it. They all started to put ashes on that letter until it burned. Rihanna said, “good riddance,” and continued to entertain her guests.

Rihanna and Chris Brown had a bitter split last year after briefly rekindling their relationship.

As part of her New Year’s resolution, Rihanna vow to never go back in a relationship with her abusive ex and to live a happy life.


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