Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor – BackStabbers Lyrics

(Verse 1)
No mi no trust ddem
Mi no turn my back to dem
Some people wi kill you
Tek weh yo oxygen
We no do nothing at all
Never done wrong to dem
Hear dem a plan fi mi
Meck dem know seh mi plan fi dem

Caw me charge up, 100 watt
Jah by mi side, shield to mi back
Jah by mi side mi no need fi react to
Some a dem wid dem evil a plat
How people do that to dem friend
Weh dem joke with and smoke with
All worst some a dem weh yo grow with
Wid grudge dem heart fully loaded

Yow some a dem waan be like me
Waan fi tek mi space
Yes dem smile in a mi face
But I cannot be replace
So mi just keep mi distance
Mi no waan dem near and that’s a fact
Mi a go buy some bullet proof vest and mi a go wear dem on mi back

(Listen Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Well dem seh time is the master
My back have so much plaster
From friend weh me did think dem real
Turn out fi be a disaster
So mi start move round dem smarter
Cyaa trick me wid dem laughter
Dem a come wid oil and powder
Member seh obia no work pon rasta

Dem a devil in a disguise
Back stabber wi a despise
Caw mi read dem file and mi find dem out
Dem never know seh mi this wise
Si dem sell out Garvy fi peas and rice
Wa dem would a do fi Chris Wright
People careful a where yo walk to
These are wicked times

So mi keep mi eyes dem open
Always have mi guards up
Nuff a dem a snake so mi always keep mi grass cut
Dem no have love dem heart tough
Waan si mi in a wuick sand stuck
Stab yo in a yo back in front yo face dem come a laugh up

(Listen Chorus)