Blak Ryno – Walking Gun Lyrics

Mi a the baddest man in a Jamaica
Mi a the only walking gun
Wet up bwoy body maker
A no water hose mi a run
Mi no run, mi kill dem off and done
Bwoy face a buss up in a my shot gun
Mi no run, mi kill dem off and done

(Verse 1)
The clip pon him
The zig zag him
Buss one in a yo mouth weh yo lip grabbings
Circle dem corner, murder dem corner
Yo duppy no tun up that tun ova
When mi come ova, bay blood run ova
Big 45 in a face left no nose a breath
None a my tugs dem a no poser
Buss gunshot paw yo endz left no soldier
A no gas mi a gage, a no book mi a page
A the rifle a wave
The 12 gage a go dive in a Gage
Marrow jump like a monkey go hide in a cage
MI kill more people than Aid’s a Africa
Murder masicka pon him endz like mosquito
Venomus rifle a go black the hospital
Chase hardcore like the ice a Asticka
Portmore man no laugh
Waterford meck the walk
Naggozed man dem evil
New land a wicked heart
Yeh, wi a go kill dem off and done
Wi no run, wi kill dem off and done
Wi a walk and a step wid the torch and gun
Skin fi burn

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Venemous a squeeze led pon the pu–y dem
Meck mi tell yo weh mi gun do to dem
Rifle transform in a monster
And start fi bite, bite, dem up like the cookie dem
Mi a talk bout this ni—- weh squeeze chigger
Bullet in a yo belly mi a deliver
Tell yo bout shot weh eat liver
Real stinger, real, real, killer
When the rifle heyahaa
Mi a look inside yo head
Try dis the link, the link buss yo face
Meck yo look inside yo grave

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. hey man a Intro is Missing…
    But’their Okay a song deh okay Mi only waan fi tell yuh dat di intro deh missing so mi advice rewrite the lyrics