Aidonia & Di Genius – Ask Dem Lyrics

(Intro – Di Genius)
You no haffi do some people nothing
Dem still find reason fi hate you
All when a you dem follow
Dem still a talk seh dem no rate you

That’s why mi no trust nobody at all
Watch out fi dem, dem wi kill you
People hate you fi nothing
Bad mined fi yo success and dem never build you

(Chorus – Di Genius)
Ask dem a wa wi do dem
A wa meck dem hate wi so easy, easy

Ask dem a wa wi do dem
Tell bad mind go weh and leave wi

Ask dem a wa wi do dem
Wi no know none at all
Caw wi just do we and that’s all

Ask dem a wa wi do dem and dem cyaa recall
We never do dem nothing

(Verse 1 – Aidonia)
Man kind just evil, no trust people
Yo own friend dem wi meck yo drop inna the dirt
Coffin inna hearse, inna black inna the church
Who smile inna yo face behind yo back dem a the worst
Loyal friendship fi that mi haffi search
That’s why mi only friend a Selassie high the first
Use Jah, Jah, blessing fi wash away the curse
Confirm like th words weh mi drop inna the verse

(Di Genius)
Yow dem hate wi, wa wi do fi deserve it
Wi know wi no worth it, so fire wi burn it
Done see a nuff a dem fake
And from wi find out deh we drop dem like service

Caw mi no know wa mi do
Tell mi a wa mi do
You no haffi do nothing fi dem hate you
Crossis people waan si yo fall
Caw dem heart is evil so ask dem Steven

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Aidonia)
Keep I far from dem Jah, Jah
Dem full a hate it a poison dem blood
Dem naw live dem life wid no love
Try bring you down caw dem mind full a grudge
Yo friend weh build yo spliff fi mi try give you drugs
Fi meck yo heavens crash and stifle yo lungs
Naw si mi inna fridge paw no ice mi no fudge
Heart pure like the sky full a dove

(Di Genius)
Mi seh dem only would a happy fi wi give up
Plans dem a rig up, fi si wi blood run like syrup
Once up on a time everything was all good and fine
Now dem hate we since wi buss
Tell dem the father guide our step
Blessings over flow, Jah no gi wi empty cup
Wi naw bother meck nothing lift up
So when mi a tidy the bi buck, wi us

(Repeat Chorus)