Vybz Kartel – Talk To Dem Lyrics

Mi no trust friend
Craig dem did done seh family
Mi no waan no good friend unload the gun
Better than pocket money

So tell the pu–y dem
Mi no beg friend
Mi no beg friend
Dem a wait paw me fi talk to dem
CP meck the rifle bark to dem
The a wa do dem

Mi o beg friend
Wi no beg friend
Dem a wait paw mi fi seh hi to dem
Rock stone wi meck rifle fly to dem

(Verse 1)
Watch the bwoy a keep malice
Badmind fi challis like bi–h in a the palace
Tell the likkle fag seh mi glock no abolish
Calish wi demolish any man weh move gyallis
Mi teach war a no Spanish
Run up pon the gully every body better vanish
Close range a so the berita bomish
A no me meck yo gyal seh mi c–key taste namish
The language fi chat in a fi gyal in a the cottage
Mi come in a mi savage and mi love do damage
Copper fry skin like sausage wid the maggot
Marrow fly like air plane cabbage wi di baggage
Shi study pon the road side no a our collage
Da killer philosophy ya never religious knowledge
Bullet in a head meck hi sappy like porridge
Mi gun till death do us part like a marriage
Like weed and blem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yo gun a shine and it a glistening
Any pu–y dissing by tomorrow him missing
A no bag a meck off a wi a bag a teeth kissing
When dem shot yah wising like lace body twisting
The calico mi gripping meck fat copper whipping
Masicka put the clip in wid the fing hollow clip in
Dem lipping and dem flipping
Jay meck him blood dripping
Dawg left him fi the morgue meck mister madden keep him
The bwoy carry news to the feds him go snitching
Circle the house weh him live wid no itching
Rifle through the window shot a pitch in a him kitchen
Yo done like dollars chi ching fi yo snitching
Throat gun meck yo drown without swimming
Bring him a the salon weh the barber a trim him
Next week a six paul baria a bring him
And mi wi tek the contract fi do the insinning

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)