Bugle – Caribbean People Lyrics

It’s a different kind a people
With a different kind a vibe
A different kind a feeling
That we feel inside
Mi no know if a the water or if a the sun
Maybe a the rum but wi have allot a fun
Girls dem pretty dem a second to none
Reggae music tun up inna wi ears drum

(Verse 1)
Well if yuh waan hold a real vibes yah so it deh
Tropical climate a that mi a seh
Antigua or Trinny every island a fi mi
Mi accent alone meck yo know when yo si mi
Ghetto side from Palisladium down a Barbados
Island a pin so the vibes not dropping
Reggae music, dancehall, soca popping
And the island where all the fun thing happen

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
We love wi island vibes
Island breeze
Beautiful places, pretty green trees
Me travel the world, meet allot a girls
But me never see no other girls like these
Short, tall, tick, round, dark brown, eyes dem a dream
But a the heart weh wi have and the way how wi think
Caribbean communities a so wi link

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Wi likkle but wi talawa
Talent in a barrage
Check out Riri and Nicki Minaj
Mi haffi big up my elder like Jonh hold
No other runner don’t fast like Usain Bolt
Oh well a no lie mi a tell
Is a soca yo no badder than Marchel
Mi tell yo bout Kedz a him a hold a medz
Mystro and Alison a wine paw head

(Repeat Chorus)

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