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Beyonce Ft. Blue Ivy – Blue [Full Music Video]

Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter made her music video debut in “Blue.”

The single “Blue,” which featured the voice of the toddler, is featured on Beyonce’s new self-titled visual album.

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The video was shot while Beyonce was on tour in Brazil with her The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

The video shows Beyonce frolicking at the beach and having a good time with some kids in Brazil playing soccer and dancing. Blue Ivy made her debut towards the end of the video. Jay-Z also made a small cameo.

Watch the full official music video for Beyoncé featuring Blue Ivy “Blue” below.

Full video coming soon.

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  1. The Blue video is awesome. I love how natural she is with Blue and how heartfelt the song is. I am an independent artist and I created an acoustic cover version of BLUE, I stayed true to Beyonce’s melody and phrasing because she is AWESOME. Search “Beyonce Blue Snape” to check it, cheers Anthony

  2. That’s wasup I love u bey

  3. i love beyonce the album is great i love it blue is so cute

  4. Very very nice! My only complaint is I wish she hadn’t gotten a nose job. She could have held out and decided to pass on that particular alteration. Now poor Blue will have to get a nose job when she gets a bit older so she can match her mom’s second nose. Brazil, land of incredibly beautiful people…love it! Love the video…

  5. Aww. i like it because the baby and the people of brazil they look like they are enjoying themselves.

  6. Glad to see there aren’t to many haters lurking around LOL!! Although I did spot a couple!! Shame how so ppl are so miserable that they flock to a site to bash someone who’s doing the damn thing and ant thinking about you naysayers!!!! Get a life!!!! This chick and her hubby all about being original and enjoying their lives so instead of hating you should be somewhere trying to enjoy your life as well!! GREEN ENVY ISN’T A PRETTY COLOR!!!! You go Bey and Blue :-)

  7. Cute kid

  8. I luv you bey the video is nice the song is great hold on to your little baby girl you let the world know the chidren are our future thank bey so nice

  9. Wow Ivy is Fugly the worst thing possibly go wrong with her is looking like J

  10. Blue Ivy is adorable! Nice video…

  11. Such a beautiful video! The people, the local, the vibe, the music

  12. This is so adorable Blue Ivy. I am in awww