Tommy Lee Ft Angelo King – Trouble Lyrics

I stay out of trouble all the time
All is money on my mind
Right now am fine
Yeh mi bloodclaat fine

Wi keep growing everyday and getting stronger
That no mean you fi f wid mi anger
Wi get reckless like the tugs them a Kingston
Insane like the one them a flank

A Angelo King and Tommy Lee Sparta
Clown, any talk meck wi gun them wi answer
Wi no street fighter so yo get tanker
Mi skull hot so mi burn a bag a ganga

(Verse 1)
Ok my bi–h bad
Yeh man clip bad
Money talk no chit chat
Stand tall when I sit back
Puu–y bwoy get kidnap
Puu–y bwoy get kidnap
I got big balls
Tight jeans wont fit that
Well Mr Sparta? Yow!!
The Gaza, the Surinam
All my youths got rap battles
Ain’t talking no Luise Vuitton
They blow your head like C4
Just to get in that detore
In all black carry white kids
My new bi–h call me key board

There are millions ways to die choose one
I was selling jovy crack now my pocket big bun, big bun
Si that rude bwoys they don’t act up
But don’t thing sh–
That dope bwoy, that Angelo dip sh–

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Got no limit, mi no Mayan
Mi no tek disrespect kick
Name yo ever
Anyone clap, anyone clap
Anyone clap, many man drop
Better can run bwoy
Better can duck
Some bwoy now a days them a penny man nough

This world fi the ghetto youths
This world fi the ghetto youths
Buck shot fi the spray yo food
Bus shot we go make it through
That’s no food in my stomach
Everything became edible
All my ni—s sell chemical
They put dope on the pen store
That white chick in the cinemon
Wrist cut like 3 yam
For the love of money weevy murder the olivadam
Your ni—s just babble
Came up from the gravel
Got that money running through my mind

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)