Alkaline – Ready Lyrics

Bomboclaat, mi ready when you ready
Fi line gunshot in a yo face
Pu**y from a war then a war mi no care
Alka no have no fing behavior
Mi ready when you ready
Fi flat down yo bomboclaat place
Anytime, anywhere no matter the place
Miller 9 a shoot yo same way

(Verse 1)
Bomboclaat mi mother should a just abort mi and done
Now a bag a fry a go go down
Mi no have nothing a live fa
So a no nothing fi mi tek weh couple like with mi under the ground
Big up every bloodclaat bad pickney
And big up ever bomboclaat man weh fire gun

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Notnice mi ready
Somebody have to go deddy
Rather bite, chop in a head or stab in a belly
Mi a grant death wish fi all who no beggy
Notnice the wrecker paw mafia gi weh leddy
Baby a give weh free but mi no mean sell hi
A the one weh meck yo black right before you berry
Mi get it black before you berry

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. Whats the other language he says is the first verse?