Iyara – None A Dem Bwoy Deh Nuh Bad Lyrics

Mi bad like then ninja
Them bwoy deh a baby to the thing them a kinda
When mi a prole them a wrapped up like rat in a hole
A draw down shutter paw window
A pu–y them

None a them bwoy deh no bad
None a them bwoy deh no bad
Our brain ever buckle and wi give the most trouble
Pon the road weh wi chad

None a them bwoy deh no bad
None a them bwoy deh no bad
Mouth alone some pu–y have
But them fi know seh a killing a mi job

(Verse 1)
If a war them a bloodclaat war just bring it
Mi no give a f weh yo spar just bring it
SLR mi wi sling it
Grenade mi wi fling it
All when unuh dead the bloodclaat war no finish
Skin still wi get bun like the Easter them
When gunshot deliver like the piaster them
Body drop dead in a the street again
Family turn seven days, everybody weak
Bullet cut and paste, and delete
F–ker them

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dulas mi do this fi a living
People dead when my gun fire
Bat fly like pidgin, mi no juck man like humpia
Mi wi kill yo when mi sober
Left yo dead in a da road yah
Block the fing place up like when Capleton bun fire
Murder anything and if a coppy mi no fraid a none a them
Bag a chat some bwoy a meck up but a no, no gunner them
Tell them diss mi no and si if unuh no si blood run again
All the witness mi a kill cause the whole a them a friend

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)