Stein – Send Dem Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Dem a get kill shot, out a head brain a drop out
Bwoy face buss out, eye ball pluck out
No tell bad man bout mother mi fi s*ck out
Use the ratchet knife, tongue get cut out
Inna dem skin gunshot a dive in
And mi no fraid a police a no lock a siren
Bwoy violate from far I see him
Supn shine pon him head and a no car eye beam
Step to dem wid the magnum inna face fedder buss
Run inna yo house and murder yo brother first
Cut yo gyal throat, hang yo mother wid a rope
Yo should a dis somebody else instead of us

Mi teach the likkle weh him bloodclaath know
Mi love fi si man blood a bloodclaath flow
Left roll inna scheme just like domino
Use dem body feed bloodclaath crow

Last bwoy weh take man fi rookie
Mi kill him so sweet like pigs when wi cook hi
Run up inna him house, wet him up wid the woozie
When time him a s*ck out him gyal pu**y

Bloop,bloop, bloop, gyal a scream, gyal start scream
Gunshot lick off face look like flat screen
Kill anything wid a life
Mi no fight like boxing

Send dem to the morgue, to the morgue
Send dem to the morgue, to the morgue
Send dem to the morgue, to the morgue
Beg the eagle eye water weh tuck grave yard

(Verse 2)
Only people mi like a dead people
Only people mi like a dead people
A meat it meck Lucifer get evil
Buss bwoy head wid the eagle
Mi a do evil from mi likkle an a come up
Inna hell mi a go bloodclaath bun up
From mi a go a school and bwoy a try bully mi
Mi push mi ratchet inna him bloodclaath stomach
Bomboclaath, look how mi hand blood up
Mi love how the killing sweeter than sirup
People si the crime and a scream an a hug up
Unu si nothing, unu si bloosclaath nothing

(Repeat Chorus 2)

(Repeat Verse 2 first 4 lines)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2 first 4 lines)