Mavado & Chronixx – Shining

Mavado and Chronixx teamed up on a new single “Shining.”

details for the new collaboration are not yet available but an anonymous source told Urban Islandz that this is the rough mix and a final mastered version will be released in the coming weeks.

NEWS: Sting 30 Welcome Mavado With Open Arms

“Born on the gully / pure enemies nobody never love / righteous youth never mix up inna cult / real hot stepper,” Mavado deejay.

Mavado will be performing at Sting on December 26 at Jamworld Portmore.

Listen to Mavado and Chronixx “Shining” below.


  1. Madddd

  2. why chronixx mixing hip hop beats with mavado, destruction of chronixx reggae music, this is what satan wants, music is down in the usa so they job is to destroy reggae. dont sell your soul chronixx.