Christopher Martin – Change Me Plans Lyrics

As mi a walk out the door yo kiss mi
MI not even gone an yo miss mi
Mi just love how yo treat mi

Girl yo meck mi change mi plan
Yo meck mi rearrange mi plan
Mi never plan fi settle down as a dan inna the town
But yo change this man

Girl yo meck mi change mi plan
Lord I rearrange ma plan
Look how mi did a run the street of gyallis
Like a me turn wonders man

(Verse 1)
Girl the more I look, into your eyes is the more I looked
And baby girl this feeling got me over looked
Yo meck mi turn a new page inna mi lover book
So baby I don’t wanna be a player anymore
I know you were the vows that I know as before
You know I have the key for many woman doors
But baby that is why you have mi heart for sure

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Lord yo transform mi
Mi did wild look how yo conform mi
No girl no dweet the way yo put hi, put hi paw mi
Seh there is nothing for mi in the streets
A you mi coming home to seven days a the weeks
And if a good love mi want then a good love mi get
And if a comfort mi need then yo rub down mi chest
MI no haffi feel insecure, mi no haffi feel like fi left
Look back come out of a one night flex

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Lord look how mi seh mi a go stick an move
Look how mi seh mi a go pick an choose
But now wi do the text an now mi kick off shoes
Happiness no stress yo want me to be confuse
And now mi no haffi hide an do no shady move
And to mi brethren dem a road mi no have a thing fi prove
Mi naw go run down bag a gyal an end up sing the blues
Cause what we have baby I don’t wanna lose

(Repeat Chorus)