Rihunited.. Drake Surprised Rihanna At Dallas Concert, Went On Romantic Date [PHOTO]

On and off couple Rihanna and Drake are dating again.

The Nothing Was The Same rapper surprised Rihanna at her Dallas concert last night. Sources say Drizzy flew in after learning that RiRi is back on US soil and will be performing at the American Airlines Center.

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Rihanna’s performance was well received by fans, some of whom waited months to see the “Diamonds” singer after the original date in April was cancelled.


Drake was snapped at the back of the arena looking on as Rihanna performed.

Sources close to the Bajan babe told Urban that Rihanna was excited to see Drake and the two later had dinner and spent some quality time together.

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    It’s either friends, f–k buddies or friends with benefits. Or even dating we don’t know to be 100% sure

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    It’s a stunt – i am convinced they’ve been on for a while but found it hard to go public cos of things Drake has said about Riri:

    @Drake: Oh that’s your ho? That’s our ho too. Lol
    @Drake: We get gyal eeeeaasy.
    It also calls into question Riri’s self-esteem – would Madonna,Perry etc date a dude after such tweets!!!She wanted Breezy, he likes strippers..on to da next stunt!!

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    Rihanna want Chris Brown. Drake is just hanging around like some thirsty dog. How many times Rihanna going to ditch you for Breezy bro before you learn

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      Didn’t she say it’s Chris’ last chance or the walk and he messed it up once again.
      Do you even know Rihanna and what she wants she probably doesn’t even know you exist.

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      Chris wrote rihanna a excuse letter and she burnt is she road the first thing and than she burnt