Is Rihanna Going Bald? Overstyling Destroying Her Real Hair

Rihanna doesn’t keep one hairstyle for too long but that lust for a fresh look maybe catching up on her.

According to RadarOnline, Rihanna is enduring massive hair loss and its all because of overstyling.

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Renown stylist, Tatiana Karelina, told the magazine that Rihanna is suffering from a medical condition called “traction alopecia,” which is by stretching hair follicles too much.

Rihanna going bald

This is what Tatiana Karelina said:

“With all the different hairstyles Rihanna has sported over the years, her hair has been put through a lot of stress,” Karelina said. “A few close-up pictures of the undercut style who the thick layers of weave on one side contrasting with the wispiness of her own hair and the thinning patch on the other. It seems that Rihanna has joined a long list of celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, and more paying the price for continuous wear of heavy weaves and wigs.”

“When hair extensions are applied properly, they are completely safe and can give amazing results,” she added. “But when done with no care for natural hair, they leave the follicles damaged beyond repair.”

The hair expert says if Rihanna doesn’t act now, over time she could become completely bald.

Naomi Campbell going bald

This is the same condition super model Naomi Campbell suffered from.

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    It was inevitable. Anything that is unnatural is highly unlike to be sustainable and/or safe over the long-term.

    Tell Nicki to look into the crystal ball.

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    I def know someone who that happened to its no joke so she should take it serious if she want to one day keep her real hair.