Aidonia – The Best Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Shi seh mi f sweet
C**key a the best yes
Seh mi sex best
Get the pu**y wet, wet
Shi a tek a next breath
Mi seh no a no time fi yo rest yet
Yeh, nibble pon the nipple a the left breast
Get are wild, kinda get are kinda reckless
Shi talk in tongue speaking sentence weh no mek sense
Stiff c**key meck you come quick call it express

Wooy, you have up the tightest tiny
You have up the tightest tiny
Pon mi c**key you full a the winey
Pon mi c**key you full a the winey
Meck mi shrub it in
Meck mi shrub it in
Baby meck mi shrub it in
Yo pu**y clean yea
Gyal yo pu**y clean

(Verse 2)
Good hole gyal
In a yo hole mi a go tek set
C**key muscle up like it a bench breast
Shi seh the pu**y feel good
Mi seh yeh baby
Turn are back way
Hand buss off necklace
Gyal come yah meck mi ease up yo likkle dress
Pretty gyal mi likkle pet a the prettiest
Good hole fi get good f
No prettiness
Gyal fi know how fi ride pon th e c**key till them chip the edge

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Girl, I wanna see your body naked
Give you good love till you call me big daddy baby
You mi pretty thing, you my Hally Berry
Gyal hop pon the c**key like you wanna break it
Shi seh wooy it sweet but shi cannot take it
Calla belly badda maybe
Seh if mi no done soon shi not gonna make it
Mi must come in a the belly cause shi want a baby

(Repeat Chorus)