Nicki Minaj Takes A Jab At Drake For Shutting Out YMCMB

The rift between Nicki Minaj and Drake was very real and the two are still not back on solid ground.

The two labelmates were once so close fans thought they were dating, but that’s not the case these days.

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On his new album, Drake revealed a secret rift between himself and Nicki Minaj last year. Dissecting the lyrics from “Tuscan Leather”, Drake said he dropped the ball on something and Nicki Minaj was upset.

drake kiss nicki minaj

In a recent interview Drake also said Nicki Minaj didn’t call him and congratulate him on the success of his new album Nothing Was The Same.

Speaking with DJ Whoo Kid, Nicki Minaj says unlike Drake, she will be including other YMCMB artists on her upcoming album.

“No, I’m Young Money ’til the death of me,” Nicki said. “Drake can do what Drake do but Nicki Minaj is a whole different person. I think your team is your team. Who gives a f about trying to be different? I’m always going to want my team to be a part of my project, no matter what, in some way.”

Although Nicki Minaj wasn’t directly dissing Drake, she is evidently upset with her longtime friend over something we still don’t know the detail.

Perhaps Nicki Minaj asked Drake to record on a single and he turned it down.

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  1. drake is whack and gay, and jewish, which means he doesn’t believe in Jesus for people that think that’s ok somehow

  2. I think she might even be jealous of his success…… and how he outshines her… That sucks for her that he wont collaborate with her…. she needs to follow his role and sing whatever drake tells her to sing if they were to take a song…. Drake would need to take charge….. He’s on another level…..

  3. Just b/c he’s on my cm doesn’t mean he has to have features from my cm artists on every conceivable he drops. He is a solo artist not in a group. Him going in a different direction artistically does not mean he is dissing ymcmb. Besides from what’s been going around lil Wayne and baby are known to not pay artists what they are supposed to be paid. Just b/c he is on ymcmb does not mean he can’t have a mind of his own.and personally one I would not want on my album is lil Wayne he gets on all these ppl tracks high as the damn sky screaming.and acting a donkey on the track.l

  4. XiiK-Only Real Nigga At WSHH

    Its cool if a ni–a Drake wanna be different….He long overd
    ue YMCMBing….At some point in life we need a stepping stone and grew to be our own boss, then whoever offers the stepping stone platform should be supportive not rebellious

  5. Drake would have made it with or without YMCMB and their whack roster…if Jay, Kanye, Eminem or even Rick Ross signed Drake he would still be doing what he’s good at. Drake is his own name and brand now and YMCMB should stop trying to have this rank of BOSS (Wayne) and SOLDIERS (Nicki and Drake)…I sense the rift comes from what Drake himself said about not being that guy who’s always hanging around for the hell of it. Dude is bigger than any rapper now, why should he play second fiddle, Nicki needs to shut the f*ck up and focus on re-inventing herself because we won’t see hear ten years from now. lol!!!

    • I agree he actually brought a whole different atmosphere to ymcmb. As we all can see the only two artists out of everyone on the label that’s making moves is drake and nick and even nick isn’t as hot as she use to be. Nobody has heard anything up to date and that has sold a reputable amount of copies from the other side kick artist on the label.

  6. they will make a cute couple lol

  7. First of all, Nicki did pop becuz she trying to become international like any other artist. she said she did that becauseof the scene which2011/2012 most people wer einto that scene. And her album,which come out next year, is all rap.

  8. I agree with her about him trying to leave YMCMB,but nicki minaj is a trash artist and all the sh-t she makes is pop music not quality rap. I’m a drake fan because his music is real life sh-t,so drake really doesn’t need to make music with trash like nicki.All Nicky’s fans are the rachet ones .

  9. First time I agree totally with Nicki… He makes good music, but he has been dissing YMCMB for a while now. Especially Lil Wayne, his real mentor(not Jay-z).

  10. I like what she said, too many people are trying to leave the people that brought them up in the game while paying no respect back to them, loyalty is #1 so Minaj is a Boss A$$ Bi–h :)

  11. Drake is Drake……Don’t get mad because he’s out the box (because he doesn’t fit into yours). Drake is a unique and very different. Why else would a Label sign you a person and give them a deal. Because they want you to express yourself and make them look good. That’s is they trust you as an artist. Drake do you… make beautiful music with and without them. We know who you “role” with stick to it and grow….gives us some more different sh@t.

  12. drake wasnt ready to s–k d pu–y lmao