Mr. Vegas To Launch “Bruk It Down” Reality TV Show

It’s been a great year for Mr. Vegas and now the dancehall star is planning to make it even better for himself and his growing fan base.

Not only did Mr. Vegas released one of the biggest singles of his career last year, the deejay also released one of the biggest singles in dancehall over the past two years.

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“Bruk It Down” became a worldwide monster hit last year, rocking up almost 10 million views on YouTube.

Mr. Vegas has since released a album titled Bruk It Down 2.0 and now he is looking to launch a reality TV show using the same title.

“Since Bruk It Down come out, the idea has been on my mind. It’s going to be a dream project,” Mr. Vegas said. “I think it’s going to be a huge success. You have dancehall queens all over the world. I am trying to get the best crew. Just doing it the proper way so that it does not come off as a joke.”

Mr. Vegas also has a new music video in rotation for his single “Give It To Her.”

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