Laden – Lend Dem Some Badniss Lyrics

Weh wi do? Lend them some badness
Lend them some badness
100 lane, mi think hi cough
And them a talk bout thump and fist

Up town, lend them some badness
Lend them some badness
Grandspen, them no have none in a them
Them no have no sinner friend

(Verse 1)
Send two tugs go straighten up them endz
Cause them don’t have no help in a defense
Send pass 2 a the things them weh tall
Member seh a pare weak things them no wall
Lend them a couple letter, send a couple K
Meck them bleach hi night and couple day
Dem a no bad dawgs, them have a puppy ways
Wi no fraid a bwoy weh have cut in a face

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Give them a badness loan
Clarindon we have badness load
August Town wi no brandish sword
You ever hear pow the tall thing wid the varnish board
Portmore tugs them govern this road
Mobay man them gone wid sword
From mi born yow mi heart is cold
Right now a darkness load

(Repeat Chorus 2X)