Wayne Marshall Ft. Agent Sasco – Stupid Money Lyrics

Stupid money
Rich until mi fool
Buy a big mansion for money
Wid an Olympic size pool

Stupid money
Rich until mi fool
Buy a big mansion for money
Wid an Olympic size pool

(Verse 1)
Chedda, chedda, genuine leader
From bully beef to lobster brushedder
Jet setter, shopping in Vina
Custom Lui V wid the shades and the sweater
To find the treasure a dub beeper
I got better focus true nothing better
Now am a master, money getter
Rich forever have new fans weh look like Cesher
Regard the Dancehall artist check the farbs list
JA is where ma heart is but am thinking like sardies
Mi sing more hard knox than karaties
Back when life was the hardest
Now everything worked out like pelartis
From a very tender age I know I was above the average
Inate knowledge, the kind you never learn in a college
From yo money too big, and stupid, and retarded
Sing along wid the kids them in the clubs them and the parties

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Man a tell you bout stupid money
Donse funds
Mi a talk Bill gates, Donald Jumfunds
Naw talk bout lunch money, no lunch funds
Wi talking numsums, trust funds
Fi mi great, great, grand son, sons

Stupid money, mi dollars no have no sense
Mi buy a benz dealership
Caw mommy want a Benz
Stupid money mean mi buy a million dollar residence
And spend 40 million pon the fence
Man a tell you bout stupid money play date
Play mate a link up
Stupid money mean a real ice inna mi pimp cup
Real ice feel nice, so diamonds wi a drink up
Wine glass tint up, all mi golf cart rims up

Stupid money, my money a di baddest
Stupid money mean seh money running like paris
Bare dead man in a mi pocket the white house was the maddest
All mi pool house bigger than Buckingham Palace

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. where is the 3rd part ?

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