Chan Dizzy – Da Wait Deh Lyrics

Bubble mi gyal yo pu**y tighter than the nat dem
Yo hole good den walk out yaw mi hot friend
Mi understand why some gyal full a problem
Caw dem body can dem

But my girl yo pu**y never work da wait deh
This bag a long time man a spend an a bleach
That’s why dem tell yo seh yo no fi listen hear seh
Wi cyaa link again no care how yo beg and a preach

My girl yo pu**y never work da wait deh
This bag a dollar coin man a spend an a floss
My girl yo pu**y never work da wait deh
Sorry fi tell yo but you never work da way deh

(Verse 1)
My girl mi waan back all mi credit
And the burger king mi buy you
Member seh yo hungry belly friend did get a fries to
First time wi go Fridays yow mi member how yo frighten
God fi give mi but yo should a choke
Yo should a poison
A joke but after mi go cushings and charge up
Yo pu**y just pop down
Yo boring and cyaa f
Kill mi dead yo did bad to how yo talk tough
Mi never know seh you a bluff

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some gyal no meet the criteria fi gooda’s
How shi fi get wife up
And shi no have the stats shi should have
Yo get the chance fi win mi
Yo haffi show mi how much you bad
And prove to mi wicked than every woman
Nuff a dem gyal yah put the B up inna boring
A straight ignore thing
Whenever mi phone ring
Yeh no more touch unless a heavens will
Jah know mi glad seh mi get it still

(Repeat Chorus)