Mr. Vegas Says Bounty Killer Beef Is Over A Groupie

Mr. Vegas made headlines last week with a heated Twitter beef with dancehall legend Bounty Killer.

The war of words all started from a performance from Mr. Vegas on this year’s Digicel Rising Stars, where he wore a 1970s outfit complete with afro.

DETAILS: Bounty Killer And Mr. Vegas Gets Into Heated Twitter Beef

Mr. Vegas called into Ragashanti Live this week to shed some light on the beef. According to the “Bruk It Down” deejay, its all caused by a female both himself and Bounty Killer was dating.

“What it really a stem from, me carry a girl from country come a town, and me see say her head giddy,” Mr. Vegas told Ragashanti. “So him (Bounty Killer) start sleep with the girl, him rent a house and put the girl in and one a him youth pass an see me a come out of the girl house, but a my girl that me carry from country.”

Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas

Mr. Vegas said that lead to a bitter fallout between himself and Bounty Killer, who resorted to name drop him in songs.

“After that now the man start burn me out and call me names, all kinda something,” Vegas said. “It’s been going on for years and mi ignore this bredda.”

But Mr. Vegas says he stopped running from the Warlord and is ready for a confrontation, lyrically we hope.


  1. bounty does really get on like a bi–h smh he use to be my artiste but he died a long time ago just picking on other artiste for hype and stay relevant smfh

  2. Jean Rodney Larrieux

    Vegas is a great artist and I am fan,… but war is not his thing.. he doesn’t even have any Big war tunes… so it would be straight murder (in my opinion)

  3. Kemal Rumflood Jackson

    I would rather see Supercat n Ninja war new millenium style but if is Bounty (again) and Vegas…… problem long over due!!!

  4. Kirkland Jason Edwards

    Gaygas just come out of the closet… lol peeple dead warlord at him

  5. battle of the giants……start the war u make dancehall music sell……..we der fih it bring it down……