Kiprich – Warn Dem Again Lyrics

Bwoy move when man a step through yo town
Likkle clown an dont make a sound
Yuh wi get knock in a yo head an throw down

Don’t come a war wid yo bag a talking
Sky lorking, sleep walking, I’ll put yuh in a bright light coffin
But watch yah no

There’s nothing yuh can do to make me runaway from this war yah
This war yah
Yo know mi naw itch fi make John crow pitch pon tar yah
Hold up

Dem haffi go talk till it hurt up dem heart
But mi naw take no drape up
Warn dem again
If yo feel yo bad like mi dog wa mi have den bate yuh better wake up
Warn dem again
Caw mi no fool no bwoy cyan bad mi up
Mi a no gyal fi chat bout mi have mi up
This a no lip yuh a go daffy
Wa a run like a claffy an still a get tag up
So warn dem again

(Repeat Verse 1)
Naw retreat no bother think seh a somebody yuh cyan beat
Yuh cyan have bad man head a cuff cuff no concrete
The bwoy go fi meck mi take a box mi no seet
Yo cyan dweet hahah no kin teeth
Mio wi gi to mother di money fi buy weave
Put up di bleck flag an candle pon street
So it dont even matter if yuh role in a cleak
Mi no business bout yuh yuh a hide an keep

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some bwoy war days done up
A money fight war an dem waan bills run up
Our new version a war thing tun up
Go Google mi war dem an yuh wi si wa come up
Yuh no wi si no more sun up
Dem a trade out di old fi young
Dem seh di front teeth gold teeth a drop out a gum
The man dem bring out dem mercy but mi no born wid none
Bwoy used tongue an a search fi di coke a ground

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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