Laden – Shake It Down Low [New Music]

Dancehall star Laden drop a new single “Shake It Down,” Produced by Emudio Records.

Baby girl listen hear these words
Am not the one came here to save the world
But I want me tell you a couple things
And I wanna get you a couple drinks
My name is Laden from the colony
And you know the ladies love honor we
So while am waiting now you dig my style
And you I ask young vet fi read my file
Tikela shots and meck you touch yo self
Gyal yo meck mi di– a buss mi belt
When I hug you just the way you felt
You have mi head not up and inna a wino felt

Gyal the way you gwaan you a turn me on
Gyal mi have to wonder where you born
Baby show mi what yo waist can do
And then mi waan fi brace on you

Listen full track below.