Wasp – Praise Mi God Lyrics

Tell yuh my life no easy
Still a gwaan praise mi God
Wicked dem a try fi defeat mi
Still a gwaan praise mi God

Nuff time mi tired and weary
Still a gwaan praise mi God
All if mi girl should a leave mi out there
Still a gwaan praise mi God

(Verse 1)
Even though mi house burn down inna fire
Everyday mi rise yow mi haffi seh a prayer
Me dem waan fi crucify like di Messiah
Give thanks fi life cause Jah meck mi deh yah
Travel from foreign inna da great concert
Destination was the place weh mi birth
DI plane get out a control no dive and a jerk
Everybody start cry di whole plane turn church
I don’t wanna die this way
Same time mi daughter flash in front a mi face
Now they are telling di story
It was di father words wi embrace yea

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No body si di pressure
Nobody si di pain
Nobody don’t know seh mi cry when it rain
Like mi go a foreign and si crow brain
Mi seh so pon di road to fortune and fame
What good is yo money if yo faith inna di cemetery
Flossing life style don’t necessary
It’s a bunch of adversary
Head a trade, everything give mi friends could accommodate
Mi wouldn’t lonely
Yo might si di tugs deh round mi
Some a dem fake and phoney
Some come round mi just fi drown mi
Tel credit fi di word mi put in and clown mi
Seh dem a owed mi, and dem grow mi
Get di hell out of here none a unuh no know mi
And fi all who still don’t know mi
King a mi place that dem crown mi fa
Fit di crowd inna di crowd mi a grown paw stage
Every audience member face look strange
Baby mother waan mi engage
Bay drama inna mi life mi seet pon di front page
Life is scary mi no trust mi own shadow
Di man dem weh near unuh fraid a tomorrow
Some seh this is a dream
So fi di taste tell champagne seh mi waan si him

(Repeat Chorus)