Nicki Minaj Unveils Her Sexy K-Mart Fall Collection [PHOTO]

Nicki Minaj doesn’t need a publicist because this is the age of Instagram.

The Young Money rap star is previewing her K-Mart fall collection and she is modeling her own designs.

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All summer Nicki Minaj has been posting photos on Instagram showing off her curve hugging outfits. Minaj also shows a lot of cleavage in most of her new outfits for the fall.

Do you like Nicki Minaj outfits and will you be getting any?

Nicki Minaj collection 2

Nicki Minaj collection 6

Nicki Minaj collection 3

Check out more photos of Nicki Minaj K-Mart fall collection.


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  1. my wife will not being wearing any of these clothes, have a great day.