Cham – Yardie Party Lyrics

Clip drop out a di party
Mi tek it up, put it in and claat hi
A whole heap a dem would a love tek mi life
Mi no step left mi stama khaki

(Verse 1)
Roll up inna di party
Inna black and black mazarati
Wid a sexy Jamaican shorty
Ready fi do anything that’s naughty
Two shots of Bacardy
Meck yo feel like seh yo deh a marby
Wid girls full a beed and are hands full a weed
And a get more head that heddardy

Ask ancient monarchy
Mi have girls from mi a wear khaki
Dem love talk paw mi walkie talkie
Dem love it like chocolate and smartie

Wi party all night and wi hustle all day
Wi grind and stob but wi meck time to play

When yuh si that red light
Yuh know today is your day
Dem shells coming at yuh from di ki, hi, hee

(Verse 2)
Bwoy a talk and a stutter
Cho wi go get di eye shutter
Then how dem a behave so brave this morning
And now dem a melt like butter
Park up di new jaguar
Come out and a sip some agua
Mi si di enemies a pree, dem a bad mind we
But a dem mi buy di new mack fa
So mi go pick up di wana
Inna fresh two tree and go bana
But a fort and no like mi
Him always a fight mi
Mi tell are meet mi at di corner
Drop are off a di Paula
Mi si two hot gyal a push a Empaula
Di one inna di pink no stop look and wink
Mi know shi waan peal mi banana

(Repeat Chorus 2X)