Konshens – Big People Ting Lyrics

(Verse 1)
C**K up fi di f**K this yah bed room a fi yo
Head ti di ground, batty up in di air
From di rare, not in di rare
Pum, pum, champion a work round here
Hold on pon di bed like a car yuh a steer
Beat up yo pu**y no handle wid care
Mi haffi f yo good fi protect mi career
C**key bun yuh so yo turn round fi face yo fear
Skin out when di c**key reach yo
Yuh a bwal but mi seet seh di c**key sweet yo
So mi mash up yo body like mi did a beat yo
Tell yo friend come, di c**key deh yah fi she to
Wi no freak, yuh no food so mi naw eat yuh
If yuh dweet mi wi glad, but mi naw dweet to
If yuh bad, some team a go waan meet yuh
But mi naw left yuh mi still a keep yuh

Da one yah name exrated
No nothing fi no likkle gyal play wid
This a big people thing no cupected
Fi mi clean skin gyal dem weh walk up inna dance and fake it

So this a di raw, raw version
Old dutty Dancehall extergion
This a no pretty, pretty, this a no fi likkle pickny
So try no bother touch it if yo heart sickly

(Verse 2)
Selector look if yuh si no pickny before yo drop this
Mi no waan dem si weh di gyal dem a practice ]
Gyal a bruk out like a blue movie actress
A wine pon man till foot bruk and back twist
Man a follow gyal go bathroom go shot pis
Beating fi anyman weh get catch a back fist
Di dance hot, a mussi pepper pot this
Sound a play, good selector better no dis drop off a di mix
Gyal a go drop off a di wine
Gyal drop off a di wine, then di vybz a go bruk
And if di vybz bruk yuh good a spoil mi luck
And meck di gyal tell mi seh shi naw bother f
Back to di f**K, member seh this is a f**K song
Ramaton, jamaton, ten furlong
Call Doritty mi long time big woman
Fi go operate like a surgeon

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)