Alkaline – 123 Lyrics

Easy 123, fi me just buck a gyal and me get di pu**y
A 123, fi when me f a gyal shi fall inlove wid me
A 123, 123, believe me it so easy
A 123, Stephani seh shi soon left me
Mi a drive Bethina crazy

(Verse 1)
Tho mi have one c**key, remember mi have two balls
So mi cyaa f one gyal none at all
Mi big woman seh mi a ditty bowy
Seh mi soon catch AID’S but old age a catch are
C**key deh yah so fi every gyal
Tight hole gyal mi love di most of all
Big hole gyal done have enough space
But dem still have a space inna mi heart

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Pu**y mi seh no tell mi bout fi settle down
Suh mi no lovey, lovey, but mi go love a one f**K
And if a marriage life yuh a pree God go wid yuh
Because mi swear to yuh mi naw go
Life unfair but a so di thing go
Yo gimmi di pu**y but a bun mi give yo
And if yo fi get how easy it is fi get a gyal
Check how voice mail number go

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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  1. I love dis song