RDX – Free Worl Boss [New Music]

Dancehall star RDX drop a new single “Free Worl Boss.”

Rosey seh shi waan justice, but di justice just miss
If every work from di public submit
DJ would a deh a road a look gyal fi f**K with
This a no Gully nor Gaza, but mi ID di culprit
Di victim a every ghetto youth weh try uplift
DI time dem gi Kartel a better dem did hooks it

Di DJ deh a jail lock weh
Wek di X6 killer case mash weh
Justice, weh di f dem a chat seh
Jamaica corrupt and yo motto waan stop deh
Only bars mi waan si, a di one wid di Appleton, di Rum Bar, an Champagne a dash weh
Mi get a message from Tommy and Kim, and Patsy

Listen track below.