RDX – Free Worl Boss Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Rosey seh shi waan justice, but di justice just miss
If every work from di public submit
DJ would a deh a road a look gyal fi f**K with
This a no Gully nor Gaza, but mi ID di culprit
Di victim a every ghetto youth weh try uplift
DI time dem gi Kartel a better dem did hooks it

Di DJ deh a jail lock weh
Wek di X6 killer case mash weh
Justice, weh di f dem a chat seh
Jamaica corrupt and yo motto waan stop deh
Only bars mi waan si, a di one wid di Appleton, di Rum Bar, an Champagne a dash weh
Mi get a message from Tommy and Kim, and Patsy

Wi no come from di Gaza
So wa wi seh dem fi free world boss fa
But Kartel story a nothing to supn
Same so fi RDX and Mavado
Go page LA Lewis and tell him do this
Paint free World boss pon every corner
Gi him di green light like phone pon charger
And Shawn Storm waan be di side order

Bass a boss, big man a big man
Let go di youth, free up di king man
Why a ghetto youth no fi fly first class
Uhuh free World Boss, free World Boss

Bass a boss, big man a big man
Look how dem a draw out di thing long
Wi a tun dem head like a 3 girl boss
Unuh free World Boss, free World Boss

(Verse 2)
Di artiste lift up Portmore like a fark lift
Big up who seh Gaza fi life and dem naw switch
Gunshot fi friend who sell out like market
Free World Boss
Who glad seh di man lock weh, unuh stink like dog sh–
No man no happy fi di jail house hardship
Weh ground a yo bed, and ground a yo carpet
Free world Boss, free World Boss

Dem waan stifle wi freedom of speech
Di carnival and di guy dem unleash
How it look wi soon cyaa bring wi kids paw beach
Talk up meck wi stop di fry from reach
Low cost commission pon a mission , a pu**y dem
Life hard like dutty concrete
Money fi a run, nuff money athlete
Free up di man, di streets a act sweet

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. Free Worl’ Boss

  2. Let the gaza don free…. Free worl’boss…