Bow Wow And Tyra Banks Make Out On 106 & Park [VIDEO]

Bow Wow hosting duties on BET’s 106 & Park is paying off big time.

The Cash Money rapper got a second chance to kiss his longtime crush Tyra Banks on live TV.

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The kiss sent rumors flying with allegations that the 26-year-old rapper is dating the 39-year-old super model.

Bow Wow kissing Tyra Banks

Bow Wow sprayed his mouth with some breath freshener and get close to Tyra. “You tryna do the remix?” Banks asked jokingly.

Bow Wow, who has been getting a lot of buzz since the kiss yesterday, says he had to go backstage and get himself together afterwards.

“I had to really walk backstage to really get myself together,” Bow Wow said. “I’m rattled right now.”




  1. Roshawan Ysaguirre

    Bow Wow wasn’t expecting an all out French make out session…they shld soo date! lol