Yellow Man ft Burru Banton, Ninjaman, Tiger, Bounty Killer, Capleton, Sizzla, Shabba Ranks, Lady G, Sharrie, Buju Banton, Jigsy King, Josie Wales, Little Twitch, General Threes, Peter Metro – Champion Lyrics

Champion wi a real champion
Champion wi a real champion

Champion man a real champion
Champion mi a real champion

(Verse 1)
Di world know mi as King Yellow Man
Di girls love off mi complexion
But wa this, wa that? A Buju Banton
Hey, hey, that a my slogan
Rip it up, ready fi di Don Gagon
Said that di kings of kings that a di real yellow man
Tiga so good a God send up pon land
Caw wa mi do fi stay yah dem bam, bam, bam

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Among di greatest of all time wi belong
Reggae Pioneer cyaa solve veteran
Bounty Killer, Godzilla, five star general
Caw wi send di people from 10 oh long

Well wi have di world a tun it up and that a real champion
Some seh congo, some seh profit, champion Capleton
Mi seh everybody know mi a di real fireman
Music is a mission not a competition

Tell dem, Sizzla Kolonji fi di black redemption
Dem music tek dem out a sufferation
Got to have a aim and yuh got to have a plan
And keep di fire blazing while yuh bun Babylon

Get up fool a get back some bally weh some champion
Dem a get kick down by lyrics and champion
Mi seh stand up in yah no caw wi no run champion
10 time song to song, him drop a ground champion
Dem cyaa win no compition if dem test champion

Who dem a boost up as one champion dem no better than
Style a mi fashion get it from di vetteron
Mi use Dancehall music meck mi self a better man
Dem yah lyrics weh mi have no bwoy don’t fresher than
If dem f around and gwaan like seh dem waan pressure man
A murderation from di champion

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Money fi di general inna di Di army
Mi no drop off a riddim yes mi sit down steady
That’s why respect it haffi drew plenty
Original Lady G this a no carbon copy
Shari young champion
Before yo ask meck mi answer fi yo question

Buju seh walk like a champion, talk like a champion
Wi a gwaan lock di city till di Bonton land

Marvin, this is Jigsy King
Hits after hits and dem cyaa stop spin
So much hits wi recreate and it’s not no chalking
Cause wi bless a champion, rather DJ or sing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4)
Buss out a di gang from 1971
Tour out di whole world and Jamaica island
Yuh hear mi pon di sound and di radio station
Outlaw Josey Wales and Sadi moekon

Twitch kick up pon di riddim like a any stallion
From about 84 mi meck mi entrance
So Devra send di tug, tell dem dem buck up pon don
Mi a one Dancehall from days a state land

Cause man a sprinter, see a long distance wi run
Wi no fraid a hurry come up, neither just come
When dem si di general Kee and seh champion come
Anywhere wi pass through people have fun

Acklemite fi dem, daomature acklemite fi dem
Friend that spell friend
Problem a problem
Wi build di foundation exclusive legend

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. good job but its hey hey a burro banton , not buju