Tommy Lee Performed In Trinidad In Front Sold Out Crowd

Tommy Lee Sparta pulled off a huge comeback in Trinidad last weekend when he performed in front a sold out crowd at the Uncle Sam’s on Maracas beach.

The Guzu Muziq head performed a solid set and received a lot of response from the tough crowd in Trinidad.

VIDEO: Tommy Lee Sparta & Spartan Army – Real Bad Gyal / Di Creature

Unlike Tommy Lee’s last visit to Trinidad, the venue was jam packed.

Lee’s previous performed in Trinidad in March saw only a handful of patrons in the venue, leaving promoters to cancel the show.

Reps for the Mobay deejay told Urban Islandz that a curfew in the area caused the show to flop.

Tommy Lee recently launched his own label Guzu Muziq.


  1. Osafu Uprising Artist


  2. Osafu Uprising Artist

    jst big up ya self any weh ya deh (SAFU) SEH THAT.

  3. Osafu Uprising Artist

    tommy lee u ah run di place nuh worry wid badmind people dem ah try all kinds of thing fi pull ya down but ya will never fall zimi tr8888 sparta we seh and we have fi link when ya come Guyana zimi.

  4. never give up soon com cayman.

  5. ok tommy lee you get true.

  6. ok tommy lee you get true.