Jay-Z Revealed How He Almost Signed Lil Wayne To Roc-A-Fella

Some time around 2008 some rumors surfaced claiming that Jay-Z is looking to sign Lil Wayne to his Rock-A-Fella label.

Speaking with Hot 97 Breakfast Club yesterday, Jay-Z revealed the rumors were true but something happened that caused the deal to deteriorate.

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According to Hov, he spoke to Birdman about wanting to sign Lil Wayne and days later he received a cease and desist letter from Cash Money lawyers.

“The truth is after I had a meeting with Wayne—I had a relationship with Baby, when I used to go to New Orleans I would meet up with hi,” Jay-Z said. “So, I felt it was only right to call him. I called him out of respect like ‘Yo, I was talking to Wayne. Just to let you know. Boom boom boom.’ So, after that I think we received a letter at our office for like torturous interference from a lawyer…And it all just went from there. I would rather lose that situation and do the right thing than the opposite. Cause I think I could have signed him. I could have signed him and then told him after. I did the right thing and I’m cool with that decision.”

Jay-Z also broke his silence on his beef with Lil Wayne and that line from Weezy about kidnapping his wife Beyonce.

“It was aight,” Jay-Z said. “It’s part of the sport and the competition. I didn’t take it serious. I didn’t view it as a threat. I thought it was just a flip of a line that I said…I didn’t take it as a real threat. I took it as a flip of a line.”

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  1. Birdman don’t want to let his son go. can’t blame him.