VIDEO: Rihanna Twerking To Drake Song

Chris Brown is probably going to be mad when he sees this video of Rihanna twerking to Drake’s music.

Twerking is the new craze among female celebrities and now Rihanna is showing off her skills.

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In the video captured by Rihanna’s BFF Melissa Forde, Rihanna shake her assets all the way to the ground.

Drake is Rihanna’s old flame. The “Started From The Bottom” rapper confirmed in a recent interview that he hooked up with Rihanna after he split with Chris Brown after the 2009 assault incident.

Chris Brown and Drake have been locked in a bitter feud ever since.

Watch the video below of Rihanna twerking.


  1. Satari Derrico

    Lame and ratchet I must say! Don’t you get attention every day of your life? Cut it out Rihanna because I really do like you mama. Why add fuel to a fire that shouldn’t have started in the first place? Let’s be adults here damn!

  2. RiRi, Caribbean women don’t twerk like that… Could have done better :p

  3. RiRi that was a bit stiff what happen.

  4. bad girl lol that tun u.