Bounty Killer Ft Nymron – They Keep Falling Lyrics

So dem a try, dem a try fi defeat I
Now dem a try, dem a try fi deceit I
Yow dem a try, dem a try fi delete I
But dem fail and dem don’t know why

Cause am protected by di most high
So in di flood my life should be di most cry

That’s why they keep falling when they trying to take high down
That’s why they kep falling when they trying to take I down

(Verse 1)
Set dem trap and fall in it
Corruption dem is all in it
The war dem a fight dem cyaa win it
Devil hold dem soul and gone wid it

The bad mind ways dem born wid it
That’s why mi tell dem seh gwaan wid it
Fi mi get some a dem cross all limit
Better dem dig a hole and fall in it

No matter, no chatter
Wi travel wid jagle
No abracadabra, no gun and no dagger
Wi bigger, wi badder, di sun and di dadda
Wi a burn dem out

Member di brothers a gather
Step pon di back stabbers
The lire di rabber
The snatcher di grabber
Di barel di grab full a dishonor

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2
Jah protect wi from di enemy
And intercept dem evil thoughts when dem a penny we
From yo look inna dem face yuh si di jealousy
Badmind sick dem and dem cyaa find di remedy
Dem a hater, dem a traitor
Some a dme a real instigator
Dem no waan si no food pon da plate yah
So every day dem a try bun mi paper
By di praise of God man a beat dem bad
Cama reach dem pon di street dem chad
A di general space unuh waa tek yo maad

(Repeat Chorus)

One Comment

  1. “I’m protected by the most high, so in the flood my land shall be the most dry” is the proper lyric